Safety for Renovation Projects

Like most renovation work, roof replacements kick up a lot of dirt and dust. Without the right materials, all of that dust will fall into the interior of the building, causing a great health hazard and a very expensive cleanup.

Fortunately, you can prevent these costs with a quick call to the professionals at Rapid Installation Group, Inc. We will install an interior ceiling dust containment wrap to capture the fine particles that fall from the old roof’s disassembly. Once removed from the worksite, each interior ceiling debris containment wrap is tough enough to haul away even the sharpest nail without worry.

Our veteran interior ceiling suspension crews are dedicated to providing the safety expected by the modern renovation and construction industry. We provide the following to contractors in all fifty states:
• Dust and debris containment
Interior ceiling suspension and wall support
• Netting for workplace safety
• High structure cleaning (H.S.C.)

Expertise in Interior Protection

Rapid Installation Group, Inc. works with roofers, contractors, and large companies in the United States and internationally, maintaining safe work environments for projects of all sizes. With over 40 years of building and construction management, you can put your trust in our experience to safeguard your construction crew with dependable interior protection.

If you have any questions concerning the materials we use or our availability, please give our office a call at (610) 440-0419 or request a free quote. We are ready to get to work — let us create a safe construction or renovation space for your team today.