Interior Ceiling Debris Containment Wrap

A pile of rubble is shown on the ground.

Interior Protection - Debris

Dirt, Dust, and Debris Protection
Rapid Installation Group, Inc. (RIG) Interior Protection Services provide interior dust and debris protection services to eliminate dust and dirt after a roofing or renovation project. Dust, dirt, and oil caused by production effluents, air pollution, or simply carried in the ambient air over time can be eliminated by employing our special project crews.

Every reroofing or remodeling project creates dust and debris. Although the suspended ceiling catches the contamination, RIG, Inc. Interior Protection offers high structure cleaning (H.S.C.) as an additional service to our customers to further prevent and reduce the risk of harmful and unwanted contamination. Without high structure cleaning, the roofing debris and dust would remain a contamination threat.

Performing renovations on a large facility requires considerable planning and organization, and your chief priority during the project should be safety. Before you begin, contact Rapid Installation Group, Inc. for interior protection installation. Our materials have been manufactured for dependability and quality, and we want to put them to work for you.