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Committed To Safety and Quality

Installing Construction Containment Solutions

Reliable Installation for Interior Protection

Welcome to Rapid Installation Group, Inc. Interior Protection Services

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Who We Are

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About RIG

RIG provides interior installation services with a focus on the following service elements:

  • Construction Containments
  • Consultation of project/builder specifications with manufacturers
  • Estimation
  • Roofing Debris and Contaminate Solutions
  • Temporary Interior and Exterior installation interior protection
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RIG Safety

At RIG, safety simply comes first. For each project, our team develops a site-specific safety plan that is followed by each and every RIG crew member. Our crew leaders carry a wide range of safety certifications to ensure safety is transferred to the field.

Training completed include OSHA Certifications, Scaffolding TNR 1000 40-hour Scaffold Erector (Welded Frame, Tube & Clamp, Rolling, and System), HR Supported Scaffold Certificate (NYC-DOB), and UL 723 and UL 723S Certified Ceiling Covers.


Close the deal with RIG

With over 50 years of combined management within the construction and interior protection trades, RIG is excited to continue working with their national and international customers providing interior containment service in all 50 States.

RIG's management group continuously provides excellent field service, consultation, and engineering that our clients demand.

Roofing Products - An Authorized Distributor For:

Green Slope

Environmentally friendly roof leveling compound that helps eliminate ponding water on flat rooftops.

Green Weld

Strong waterproofing protection for a variety of flashing applications.

Repair Boss

Sturdy drain replacement dome, quick installation and no tools required.

Storm Breaker

StormBreaker coatings are green and reduce roof tear waste and the landfill space required for this waste.